Hero & Friend

My Days with Pistol Pete Maravich

We were recently on Dr. Dobson's Family Talk. You can listen to the interview Here

I had hoped to launch Hero & Friend by visiting with Dr. James Dobson, a friend whose life intersected both Pete’s life and mine in ways that neither of us fully comprehended. That hope became a reality, when I was asked not only to meet with him, but to become a guest on Family Talk. The Family Talk crew is an elite group of dedicated professionals who constantly keep Dr. Dobson’s wisdom on the airwaves and available for people all over the globe.

My relationship with Dr. Dobson has evolved over the years and each time we are in each other’s presence, my admiration for him grows. We met briefly when Pete Maravich and I were writing the book, HEIR TO A DREAM and I was blessed to visit his office in Southern California to discuss the possibility of Pete being a guest on Dr. Dobson’s Focus on the Family radio show. After Pete was booked on the show, Dr. Dobson invited Pete to join a group of guys to play a friendly pick-up game of basketball. None of us dreamed that would be the last day Pete would be on a basketball court.

As described in HERO & FRIEND, and on Dr. Dobson’s FAMILY TALK broadcast, the game turned shockingly tragic in a split second. Dr. Dobson thanked Pete for playing with a bunch of “wannabees.” Pete laughed and said he really needed to play more often. And then Pete said, “I feel great.” Those were the last three words he uttered on earth.

Dr. Dobson delivered Pete’s eulogy in Louisiana. I don’t remember speaking with him on that day. We were all still in shock. A few years later, we visited for a while at an NRB convention in Nashville, and several months later in Colorado, Dr. Dobson and his wife Shirley hosted a screening of my inspirational film, LAST OUNCE OF COURAGE. Spending quality hours with Dr. James Dobson and his team, Brian, Brad, Kyle, Matt, and the production crew has been a highlight of this adventure so far.

I encourage everyone to click on the link to Family Talk and hear the story first hand.

Your Friend,