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My Days with Pistol Pete Maravich

Darrel Campbell began his entertainment career attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City and began his work as a professional TV and film actor in the city. Campbell launched his writing career in Los Angeles with NBC’s Days of Our Lives. He developed literary, film and video products for Pistol Pete Maravich Enterprises, which included authoring the best-selling sports biography, Heir to a Dream (Gold Medallion Book Award winner) published by Thomas Nelson Publishers. After writing and producing the hit family film, The Pistol: The Birth of a Legend, Darrel was hired by television producer Matt Williams at Wind Dancer & Walt Disney Television to help develop new television products including NBC’s Carol and Company starring Carol Burnett. Darrel served as an executive story editor for Wind Dancer and he wrote for ABC’s comedy hit, Home Improvement starring Tim Allen. He was tapped by Walt Disney Animation to write the TV spin-off of The Lion King, penning the premiere episode of The Lion King’s Timon and Pumbaa starring Nathan Lane. Darrel’s animation writing includes Tom and Jerry for Renegade Animation, Cartoon Network and Warner Brothers Animation. Darrel also wrote and produced the family film, Redemption of the Ghost, starring John Savage, Rachel Hunter, Diane Ladd and Alexandra Paul. Darrel’s show business experience includes songwriting, music producing, screenwriting, video and film producing, as well as acting and directing for film and television. Campbell, a drummer, is owner of Percussion Films, a vertically integrated company specializing in film, television, and publishing in order to create and develop high quality entertainment products.

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